Columbia Association Kids Triathlon

July 18, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Clemens Crossing Pool, Columbia, MD

Ages 7 years to 15 years as of December 31, 2021

Registration Opens May 2, 2021

Covid-19 Safety Plan - We are excited to return to racing and pledge to provide a safe environment for participants and spectators. We are working with our community partners to create a covid safety plan. This plan is a work in progress and will be published soon based on anticipated covid restrictions on race day. We thank the Columbia Association for providing this race opportunity for youth athletes. 


  1.  All participants shall compete based upon their age on December 31, 2021. 

  2. Youth participants must be Youth members of USA Triathlon. A new or current membership can be added to your registration online. 

  3. Race officials reserve the right to require proof of age from each participant in the form of a birth certificate or other official proof of age document.  Failure to produce a proof of age document may result in disqualification from the event.

Race Rules

Triathletes and parents should be familiar with USA Triathlon’s Competitive Rulesspecifically the Supplemental Youth Rules. Please take a few minutes to review these rules with your triathlete. Our goal is a safe, fair, and fun experience for all our triathletes, whether they are new to the sport or racing for a podium finish.

Race Location

Clemens Crossing Pool, 6400 Martin Road, Columbia, MD 21044 (pool and grassy field)

Age Groups and Distances

7-8 Yrs Old

Swim - 50 yards

Bike - 2 miles

Run - .5 mile

9-10 Yrs Old

Swim - 100 yards

Bike - 2 miles

Run - .5 mile

11-12 Yrs Old

Swim - 100 yards

Bike - 4 miles

Run - 1 mile

13 -15 Yrs Old

Swim - 150 yards

Bike - 6 miles

Run - 1 mile

Registration Fee

$40.00  May 2 - May 7, 2021

$50.00  May 8 - May 31, 2021

$55.00  June 1 - July 15, 2021

There is no in-person registration for this race. All participants must complete online registration by July 15. 

Covid-19 - Registration Policy

It is anticipated that this race will take place as scheduled. However, should this race get cancelled due to covid-19 related reasons, registered participants will be offered one of the following options:

  1. Defer registration to the 2022 race.

  2. Refund of registration fee (minus the active.com processing fee).

  3. Donate registration fee to Rip It Events to help create future racing opportunities.

Registration Opens May 2, 2021

Schedule Of Events (subject to change)

Saturday, July 17, 2021

3:00 PM - Athlete Check In Opens

5:00 PM - Pre-Race Course Talk*

6:00 PM - Athlete Check In Closes

*Please consider attending the scheduled Pre-Race Course Talk, which will provide important information about the race, and include a question and answer segment. If you are a first timer– attending this pre-race course talk is recommended! Adults are encouraged to attend as well.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

6:30 AM - Athlete Check In, Transition Area, Bike Racking and Body Marking Opens.

7:30 AM - Transition area closes, all athletes to pool deck, staging of first two swim waves.

8:00 AM - Clemens Crossing Elementary School parking lot closes and will not re-open until the last  cyclist has started his/her final lap of the bike course.

8:00 AM - Boys/Girls 13-15 yrs swim waves.

8:20 AM - Boys/Girls 11-12 yrs swim waves.

8:45 AM - Boys/Girls 9-10 yrs  swim waves.

9:10 AM - Boys/Girls 7-8 yrs swim waves.

9:35 AM - Estimated time Clemens Crossing Elementary School Parking lot vehicle exit reopens.

10:00 AM - Award Ceremony (subject to change).

Transition Area & Bike Racking

Parents are not allowed in the transition area at any time. Transition area volunteers will be available to assist triathletes with finding and setting up their transition space if necessary. Each triathlete will have an assigned transition rack space on race day. Bikes should be positioned with the front of the bike facing in the same direction as the sticker on the transition rack. Equipment must be placed on the ground to the left of the bike when facing the transition rack.

Please place the race number sticker you received at packet pick up on the top tube of your triathlete’s bike so that we may identify it in transition. The top tube is the horizontal tube connecting the front fork and the seat tube. Do not place this sticker on your triathlete’s helmet. Triathletes may not remove their bikes or gear from the transition area until the last triathlete has started the run. This is in the interest of safety and good sportsmanship. It’s also a USA Triathlon rule.


Swim Course

The swim will take place in the 25 yard, eight lane, outdoor pool. Triathletes will be staged by race number and will receive their timing chip on the pool deck. All starts will be in-water from the shallow end of the pool. Triathletes will not be assigned to a specific lane and depending on the wave there may be one or two triathletes per lane. In some waves we may combine genders within the same age group rather than send off a wave with a small number of triathletes. Flip turns are allowed. Triathletes will exit from the shallow end of pool and must walk while on the pool deck until they pass

through the pool gate. 


Triathletes may not hand parents swim caps or goggles nor may parents hand triathletes anything as they exit the pool. A special needs table will be set up between the pool and transition for eye glasses, inhalers, epipens, etc. Failure to follow the above rules may result in a disqualification.

Required Distances:

13-15 yrs old: 150 yards (6 lengths of pool)

11-12 yrs old: 100 yards (4 lengths of pool)

9-10 yrs old: 100 yards (4 lengths of pool)

7-8 yrs old: 50 yards (2 lengths of pool)

Bike Course and Rules

The bike course is NOT closed to vehicle traffic. Police will be controlling traffic and course marshals will be directing participants. It is the responsibility of the participant to know and follow the official course, complete the required number of loops, and obey all traffic laws and instructions from police and course marshals. Parents are prohibited from running or riding a bike alongside their triathlete at any time. To view the bike course map, click HERE.


Required Distances:

13–15 yr old: Three loops (6 miles)

11–12 yr old: two loops (4 miles)

9–10yr old: one loop (2 miles)

7–8 yr old: one loop (2 miles)

Participants are responsible for keeping track of the number of loops ridden.

Run Course and Rules

The run course is along sidewalks and paved paths. All turns will be clearly marked and staffed with course marshals. It is the responsibility of the triathlete to know and follow the official course, complete the required distance, and obey all traffic laws and instructions from police and course marshals. Parents are prohibited from running or riding a bike alongside their triathlete at any time. To view the bike course map, click HERE.

The 1 mile run will be marked with orange arrows. Our 13–15 and 11–12 age groups will be given an orange wristband and a race bib with an orange stripe at packet pick up. The 1/2 mile run will be marked with blue arrows. Our 9–10 and 7–8 age groups will be given a blue wristband and a race bib with a blue stripe at packet pick up.

Required Distances:

13–15 yr old: 1 mile

11–12 yr old: 1 mile

9–10yr old: 1/2 mile

7–8 yr old: 1/2 mile

Water Stations

A water station will be set up at the start of the run. There will also be a water station at .25 miles. 13–15 and 11–12 age groups will pass this water station twice. 9–10 and 7–8 age groups will be turning around at this water station.


Participants will wear a timing chip that is placed around the left ankle. Timing chips will be given to participants just prior to entering the pool to begin their swim. Timing chips will be removed by volunteers at the finish line. 



LIVE results will be published throughout the race. Use your mobile phone and go to www.ripitevents.com/results and click on Columbia Association Kids Triathlon link. On the results web page, enter your bib number or name to view your individual results.

Post race

Due to covid restrictions, at this time there is no post race food. 

Finisher Medal and Awards

Participants will receive a finisher medal at the finish line. Be sure to pose for a photo with our logo backdrop. 

The Columbia Association Kids Triathlon will distribute awards to first, second and third place in each age range and gender. If your triathlete earns an award and you are unable to stay for the awards ceremony, you may have someone accept it on your behalf. Rip It Events will not mail awards to winners after the race.