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If you love running, multisport, racing and want to represent TEAM RIP IT, here’s your chance! We are looking for passionate, friendly, positive, FUN athletes who are inclusive and welcoming. To be considered for the 2022 team, complete the Ambassador Application. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The application process begins on Friday, Oct 15. For inquires about your submission, email racedirector@ripitevents.comSubmissions close October 30, 2021. Applicants chosen will be notified via email by Nov 1, 2021. 

Rip It Events Ambassador Program

Our ambassadors are athletes who inspire and encourage others and are active in their local communities. They participate and volunteer at events, and are active on social media. The Rip It Events Ambassador team is open to anyone training and racing at any level, any distance. If you love endurance sports, are enthusiastic about training, racing and can encourage others to join you, we want you on our team!

What do we look for?

Ambassadors are members of the running and multi-sport community who live a active lifestyle. They are coaches, bloggers, motivators, and athletes who love to train and race. They will enthusiastically promote Rip It Events as their preferred races and are active across social media to help us spread the word. Ambassadors are also athletes who are active in their running and multi-sport clubs/groups.  


  1. Promote Rip It Events brand and races to athletes via social media, 

  2. Promote Rip It Events to clubs or individuals, and by word of mouth.

  3. Participate in a minimum of four Rip It races in 2022.

  4. Volunteer at a minimum of three Rip It races in 2022. 

  5. Encouraged to participate in course preview runs or rides.

  6. Able to recruit volunteers for events via social media, community contacts and word of mouth.

  7. Make a reasonable effort to promote Rip It brand by wearing Rip It clothes at non Rip It races and training sessions.  


  • Free entry into Rip It races.

  • Discount code that can be shared with friends and family to increase participation at events.

  • Custom TEAM running top and visor.

  • Custom TEAM short sleeve shirt.

  • Option to purchase custom TEAM Tri Kit and other swag.

  • Announced as a member of the 2022 Ambassador Team via social media and website.

To view a full list of 2022 races, click HERE.

The application process begins on Friday, Oct 15. To apply to the 2022 Rip It Events Ambassador Team, click the button below. For inquires about your submission, email racedirector@ripitevents.comSubmissions close October 30, 2021.